Grad School Update

(What a crooked old photo that I am too lazy to fix…)

Well, I told Iceland ‘no’ fairly soon after I received the acceptance, since their funding had been cut. I said ‘yes’ to Nottingham while still awaiting a response from Glasgow, and then ‘yes’ to Glasgow immediately after receiving their offer. I applied for funding at both unis and I have just started to hear back (I applied for 3 at Nottingham and received 2, was put on the reserve for 1). However, yesterday I firmly declined Nottingham and will be going to Glasgow! I am hoping that Glasgow is as keen on me as Nottingham appeared to have been, because I would appreciate the funding, since… y’know, I’m paying in loans. 

In other news, Ben and I found a flat! It’s a nice wee flat in the west end that I’m absolutely in love with. It’s about halfway between Glasgow Uni and the train station Ben will use, in a nice residential area, and has a lovely lounge and large kitchen. I am so excited! Here’s the street view…

I’ve booked my ticket and I’ll be moving to Glasgow in August. Unfortunately I wasn’t really willing to pay twice the cost to get there in time for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, so I’ll be missing that. However, I’ll be there for awhile so I’ll just go next summer. :)

Right now, I’m just working and waiting for Iowa to get my diploma back to me! I won’t get an unconditional offer until I’ve sent it to Glasgow. Iowa’s website says to expect the diploma 8 weeks after graduation (May 17th) so I have a while to wait still. I don’t know why it takes so long since my grades have been up since the week after graduation, and I really just want to secure my offer! Then it’s visa application time, something I haven’t had to do before.

Anyway, that’s my update! Glasgow Uni… here I come! Eventually.




And, Offer #2 is official!



So, I think I got the equivalent of a conditional offer from the University of Iceland? They just update my application saying that it will be completed upon receiving my transcript from the University of Iowa after graduation.

However, they are no longer offering their grant for housing and I’m really not sure how I will be able to afford this program? I don’t think I can take out loans for Iceland the way I can for Nottingham and Glasgow. :/

So it is probably not going to be where I go. But nice to *finally* have some sort of update.

Cannot say the same for Glasgow yet :(


Offer #1! Such exciting things ahead!

*scrolls down and reads cost of attendance*
*sigh* Yes, I didn’t need the reminder. Oh, international fees.


Grad School!

This is, at least vaguely, to do with me being abroad, in that I have just submitted/am technically still in the process of submitting my applications to graduate school. All of which are ‘abroad.’ I am applying to the University of Glasgow, the University of Nottingham, and the University of Iceland!

The programs are:

UofG: MLitt in Medieval and Renaissance Studies
UofN: MA in Viking and Anglo-Saxon Studies
UofI: MA in Viking and Medieval Norse Studies

Each of the programs has its benefits. The University of Glasgow’s program is really versatile and its biggest strength lies in the wide range of medieval languages offered. This of course, is coupled with the fact that it is in Glasgow, for all intents and purposes my city, where I can live with Ben, where I know I would be happy, and where I have already met and particularly like the faculty. It is also the most expensive… The University of Nottingham offers a few specific funding opportunities that might make it more ideal in that respect, and it is only a train ride away from Glasgow. Its program is highly esteemed and I could take a comparative approach to the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons, so while it is less flexible, that is made up for in focus. Finally, the University of Iceland, like Nottingham, is fairly focused, and I would have the room to make it comparative. Its strength is its international aspect—it is a two-year program, unlike the other two, and the second year is spent at one of its joint universities, hopefully the University of Oslo in my case, since Oslo has Anglo-Norse and Celtic-Norse relations options. It would definitely allow me to travel more, and from what I can tell there are no tuition fees, but I can’t use US loans on that program like I could with Glasgow and Nottingham.

Narrowing down my options doesn’t matter at this point, I suppose, but it may actually be very hard to make a decision between them when the time comes.

It also feels very strange to not know what is going on. Where I will be next year. If I will get into school, or if I will get funding. What my life will be like! So different, I imagine. And that’s good, I think. I like change and I am ready for it. When things are up in the air like this it’s such a fine line to walk between excitement and anxiety. (I believe I remember saying something almost identical to that before I went abroad for the first time, so if that is an indication of things to come… bring it on!)

On a completely different note, I love how every once in awhile my Ruthwell post gets dug out by the tiny niche of other Anglo-Saxonists (presumably) on tumblr. And then I see it again, and it is such a personal post! I changed up my method after that, dividing my photos and commentary. That one has all my thoughts, everything about my day, and pictures of me. It’s a nice reminder but kind of strange at the same time. I also find it funny that I refer to Ben as ‘my friend’ in it. Almost a year ago, that was…

Life, you are funny. Sometimes I hate you for it, but more often I love it.


Just missing Glasgow as usual.


Post-Glasgow + Future Plans

I said, awhile ago, that I would update about post-Glasgow feels and plans for the future. I suppose as I am preparing graduate applications and comparing my options for life after school, now is as good a time as any.

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Ben Lomond across Loch Lomond



My last trip before heading back to the US was a few days in Oban. It was a very chilled break and a good time. There aren’t many interesting things to say about it—the whole thing being a way to relax after London.

We island hopped to Lismore and Seil and went walking, and explored around Oban and the surrounding area, such as Donollie Castle. We went to a tourist-trap of a ceilidh at Skippinish Ceilidh House. There was hardly any dancing and no Strip the Willow nor Gay Gordons. It was mainly drunken American and English tourists that didn’t listen to directions, but there was an older couple there that knew what they were doing so we stuck around them.

We also visited the Oban Distillery, which was nice. I liked the Oban 14 yr old okay, I enjoy smoky whisky, and the Distiller’s Edition was a notch up from that, but the cask-strength double matured (not yet at 14 years, though the age escapes me now…) was my favorite whisky I’ve tried.

Right before we left we went for a seal sighting tour and spotted a few, so that was nice. We also meant to spend a day around Mull (possibly heading to see Iona), but unfortunately Ben got food poisoning and we rearranged for that. I still had a fantastic time, however. Mostly I just enjoyed being with him.